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How to Remove a Broken Easy Out

9:01 am Auto Specialty Tools, TIME-SERT Kits

Rescue Bit in Summary: FAQ’s for the Rescue Bit. Easy outs are not easy to drill. The metal is so hard that a regular or even a cobalt drill bit cannot touch it. We have had many customers call to ask what do you have that can drill out a broken tool like this? Fortunately, we have a tool that answers this question. “How do you drill out and remove a broken EZ-Out?” Read below or go directly to our Rescue Bits For Sale section.

Broken EZ Outs, various brand spiral extractors, taps and drill bits are virtually impossible to drill out. In fact we’ve had many customers try to drill out broken tools with Cobalt and titanium drill bits, only to spend all day and nothing to show for their time, except several dull or even broken drill bits and a broken EZ-Out still in their engine with just a dimple. The reason is because tools like these were never intended or designed to require removal by drilling. An EZ Out and other tools like taps and drill bits we already mentioned have very hard metal compounds. This makes them very brittle and susceptible to breaking easily when too much force is applied. Some of our customers have received quotes to have a mobile metal disintegration company come out to their location and use an expensive process to remove their broken EZ Out. One customer was quoted $1200 to have one exhaust stud hole cleared of a broken EZ Out, on his boat engine. He had broken the exhaust stud and then broke an easy out trying to get that out.

Just about everyday we have calls like this;

Caller says – Let me tell you what I have. I had a broken exhaust manifold stud in my engine. I drilled the center of the broken stud. Then I tried to use an EZ Out. The EZ out broke. I drilled the EZ Out with a Cobalt drill bit and it broke also, that’s in there too. I saw the video of the Rescue Bit. I don’t mind spending the money if it really works.

Caller’s question – Will the Rescue Bit drill the EZ Out and the Cobalt drill bit out?

Answer – The Rescue Bit was designed specifically for the purpose of drilling out very hard metal compounds, like the EZ Out and Cobalt drill bit material. Since it has to be a very hard metal compound, one of the resulting characteristics is that it is brittle. Whenever something is really hard, its naturally somewhat susceptible to breaking.

Caller’s question – Is there a guarantee that it will drill out my broken tools?

Answer – No. We cannot guarantee your success. The manufacturer provides no warranty on the Rescue Bit, just like there’s no warranty on drill bits. This is a standard in the tool industry. The risk is entirely yours.

Caller’s question – What if it breaks?

Answer – The way it is supposed to be used, you make a small circular motion when drilling. If this is done properly it is less likely to bind and break. If it does break however, it shouldn’t be wedged in tight so hopefully it can be removed without too much difficulty. Then since all of our Rescue Bits are double ended, it can be flipped over and the other side can be used.

Callers Question – Can I use the Rescue Bit in my die grinder?

Answer – The short answer is yes, I’ll explain. The manufacturer recommends starting off slow. So I’d use a drill first so there’s more control. A die grinder will work faster but dulling may also occur faster as well. Most die grinders have a 1/4″ collet and some come with a 1/8″ collet. They never come with the 3/16″ collet, so we suggest buying the 3/16″ collet if you want the capability of using a 3/16″ Rescue Bit in your die grinder. Remember whatever size you use or if it’s in a drill or die grinder to use a rounding motion as you go.

Caller’s question – Can I use a regular drill? What speed?

Answer – Yes. The maker of the Rescue Bit says that different metals can be drilled best at different speeds. They recommend using slower speeds at first. Increase speed if needed, until the optimal RPM’s is determined. Keep in mind that the faster the bit is turned, the faster it will get dull. So there’s a compromise to be found. For instance, using in a die grinder will work faster but will dull faster as well.

Caller’s question – Should I use WD40?

Answer –  No. The manufacturer, says do not use WD40 or any other cutting oil like you would normally do with a drill bit. The reason is because the Rescue Bit makes dust instead of metal shavings. The use of oil will cause the dust to collect and this may cause the bit to bind and break. The desired effect is for the Rescue Bit to cut and not slip, this is another reason not to lubricate. Also, remember that the Rescue Bit can withstand a higher temperature than a regular drill bit so cooling is not needed (more on this below).

Caller’s question – What if I find that the threads are damaged after removing the broken pieces?

Answer – We sell all types thread repair kits. Helicoil is the most common brand, but we prefer Time Sert because their thread repair system uses sold bushing type inserts rather than a thin coil of wire. See our Time Sert products at DenLors and Time Sert products at Wise Auto Tools.

Caller’s question – What is the Rescue Bit made of?

Answer – The Rescue Bit is made of Tungsten Carbide. Tungsten Carbide is about twice as hard as regular steel and has a melting point of 5200 degrees Farenheit.

Caller’s question – OK. But will it work?

Answer – We’ve had many customers successfully use the Rescue Bit and save a lot of money. We cannot guarantee your individual success. There are however, very few options when a broken tool extractor like an EZ Out, a tap or a drill bit has been experienced. The Rescue Bit provides a chance to drill out and extract a broken tool that was never intended to be drilled.

Callers question – How do I know what size Rescue Bit to get? I have a 3/8″ hardened bolt to remove.

Answer – Normally you go a little undersize compared to what you are drilling so you’ll be less likely to damage the threads (if they are not already damaged). You also want a little extra room to make the rounding motion recommended. So I would recommend the 1/4″ Rescue Bit for a 3/8″ tool or bolt.

Question – I’ve got a broken EZ out inside a broken bolt for my thermostat housing. What size bolt do I have? What size Rescue Bit do I need?

Answer – We don’t have anyway to look up your bolt size for your vehicle. Usually there’s two or three thermostat bolts. I would check the size of one of the other thermostat bolt’s that’s not broken. Also could measure the size at the break of the broken extractor (the part that’s not in the hole). Go undersized if at all possible so you can make the rounding motion when drilling as the manufacturer’s instructions say to do. Typically for thermostat bolts the 1/8″ or 3/16″ is usually about the right size.

Caller’s question – Where can I buy a Rescue Bit? Can I buy it at my local parts store or a home improvement center?

Answer – No. Because this is a specialty item, Rescue Bit products are not available in stores. We have two websites – (USA orders only) and, which accepts orders within and outside the USA. and allows for customer reviews on all of our products, see some of those below. For quicker than the normal 2-3 day shipping time within the USA, phone orders can be placed by calling between 10-5 Eastern a time at 800-524-9783 or 800-734-8665 (TOOL).

Online Inquiry – Does the 3/16 Rescue Bit combo that includes a 3/16″ Rescue Bit and a 3/16″ collet adapter fit a regular 1/4 die grinder?

Answer – The collet, like in the 3/16″ combo will fit most standard 1/4″ air die grinders. You could unscrew the end off of your die grinder to see if the collet adapter looks the same. In our experience, most mechanic’s air die grinders come with a 1/4″ collet, which would accept the 1/4″ Rescue Bit and the 5/16″ Rescue Bit only. The 5/16″ is single ended with a 1/4″ shaft. Some air die grinders come with an optional 1/8″ collet adapter that accepts 1/8″ accessories. However, no die grinders come with a 3/16″ collet. The 3/16″ collet was produced specifically for the 3/16″ Rescue Bit. We have some combo kits and have the 1/8″ and the 3/16″ Collet adapters available separately.

Online Inquiry – I would like to purchase two of your rescue bits. 1 x 1/8″ x 3″ 1 x 1/4″ x 3″ I am in Sydney Australia. Can I purchase these tools on your web site?

Answer – DenLorsTools does not accept orders outside the USA. However, our second website does as long as we can use USPS to ship to you. Just checkout normally and shipping and handling will be calculated during the checkout process. You can see shipping and handling costs before deciding to complete the purchase.

Question – If the Rescue Bit breaks, how do I rescue the Rescue Bit?

Answer – Nothing will be hard enough to drill out a Rescue Bit. Rescue Bit instructions say to drill using a rounding motion. This allows some space to help prevent binding and also will make it much easier to remove in case the bit breaks.

Question – If the Rescue Bit is so hard why would it ever break?

Answer – The Rescue Bit is a terrific tool but is not invincible. Since the Rescue Bit has to be harder than the material it’s drilling out, one of the characteristics is that it may be brittle. If the Rescue Bit was made softer so it would be less likely to break, it would not be hard enough and capable of drilling out hardened tooling, which would make it useless for it’s intended purpose. It’s designed to drill out tooling that normally cannot be drilled, so that’s the trade off.

Question – How do I try to prevent it from breaking?

Answer – Let the Rescue Bit do the work. Drill in a rounding motion to help prevent binding. For this reason, do not use in a drill press, since you will not be able to use the rounding motion while drilling. There are additional tips included with the product that can also be read before purchasing – the tips are linked on our product listings.

Past Rescue Bit Product Reviews

A Must Have Tool !!!

Posted by Dave S. on 20th Mar 2014

This Rescue Bit works as advertised. No smoking mirrors. The Rescue Bit performed just as in the YOU TUBE video, I drilled 1.75 inches through a broken tap in my rare engine block. MADE IN THE USA, Great product!!

amazing tool!!

Posted by Jamie M on 30th Aug 2014

Rescue bit preformed exactly like they said it would! Amazing tool! thank you!!

The Only Choice

Posted by Burt A. on 21st Jun 2014

I tried all types of drill bits to try to dent the sheared easy out to no success, An internet search turned up a rescue bit. Well worth the purchase as it sliced through that tool steel with little effort . The bit did not heat up and when the job was done it returned to my tool box undamaged , A wise purchase,
Stephen O’Donnell
Calgary Alberta Canada

Truly a bit to the RESCUE

Posted by Jim E Cincinnati on 22nd May 2014

Had worked for days to remove a hardened steel bolt from an engine. Got nowhere with cobalt or titanium drill bits. Used the rescue bit and in two short minutes was one to one half inches into the bolt without hardly any pressure on the drill. Tap out was used with little work and the old broken bolt was out. Thanks Wise Auto Tools!

Great to have around the shop. 5 Star Review

Posted by David C. on 21st Aug 2015

Previously bought a 1/8″ Rescue Bit that worked great for removing a broken extractor in an exhaust manifold. Bought this set because it includes common range of sizes in the automotive industry. Someone here is always breaking something so wanted to have several sizes on-hand to choose from in the case of an emergency. Amazing product.

3 Responses
  1. Mark :

    Date: December 13, 2014 @ 8:16 pm

    While moving large round bales of hay with my tractor and not paying enough attention to all points around the tractor, I hit a bale with an opened door. This sheared the ball stud of the door closer (shock) at the door frame. Off to the hardware store to purchase an extractor set. I followed the instructions provided which resulted in breaking the extractor. Next I purchased the 3/16″ Rescue Bit. It works! And it works well! Thank you.

  2. dennisb - Auto Tool Sales :

    Date: December 14, 2014 @ 9:08 am

    Mark, thanks for letting us know how the Rescue Bit worked for you. Glad to hear you were successful!

  3. Randy H. :

    Date: September 25, 2015 @ 7:20 pm

    I was going to replace the intake manifold gaskets on my 1998 Dodge Dakota 5.2 magnum v8 pickup.One of the intake bolts broke during removal. I drilled it, then proceeded to break off an EZ out in the broken bolt. Googled for help and found your site. Bought a set of Rescue Bits. They arrived today, and within 2 minutes I was able to bore through the EZ out. I just finished retapping the hole. Thank you, thank you, thank you. What a wonderful product!

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