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The New Smaller OTC Leak Tamer

4:25 pm EVAP, OTC Tool Blog


© Summary:  New product announcement, the new OTC Leak Tamer smoke machine used for checking evaporative leaks. Commonly called EVAP leaks. An EVAP leak is a fuel vapor leak in the car’s evaporative system. The evaporative system in a car is designed to minimize the amount of fuel vapors that escape into the outside air.

The  vapors are stored in the charcoal canister and are eventually recirculated back to the engine to be used. Of course this is an over-simplification. There are solenoids, different types of tubing (which can include plastic, steel and rubber) and let’s not forget the canister that holds the charcoal pellets. Today’s cars check themselves for problems with their EVAP systems. If there’s a problem with the EVAP system a code will be set by the vehicle’s computer. Common codes for EVAP system faults are for leaks like P0440, P0442, P0455, P0456 and P0457. The smoke machine makes finding these EVAP leaks much easier. The much smaller size of the new LeakTamer makes storing and using much more convenient. See below for more information or go directly to the New OTC Leak Tamer for sale now. We also have more technical article on EVAP leak diagnosis, which was written awhile back that still has some good information regardless of which smoke machine model is being used.

OTC 6522 LeakTamer – Details from the Manufacturer

  • 80% of top codes can be diagnosed with smoke technology
  • Unit is half the size of its predecessor, but twice as mighty with more powerful features
  • UltraTrace UV® Dye – the only OE approved solution
  • New smoke flow control adjusts for specific applications
  • Detects Mircoleaks™ to and below .010″
  • Kit Includes:
    • Leak Tamer Unit
    • White/UV combination with laser pointer
    • UV glasses for viewing UltraTrace UV® dye
    • Service port adapter
    • Exhaust adapter cone
    • Cap plug adapters
    • Schrader® Removal/Installation Tool
    • UltraTrace UV® Smoke-Producing Solution
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