Meet the “Transition” It’s a Car and an Airplane

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The Transition’s wings fold up so that it can be driven on the road.

©  Summary: Brief article on the Transition which is a “car plane”. The wings fold up and so this flying car can be driven on the road alongside regular vehicles.

I remember thinking that when the year 2000 came around we would have flying cars. Sort of like the Jetsons. Well the year 2000 has come and gone and we’ve had no flying cars. Until now… meet the Transition.

It’s a pretty cool idea, but admittedly a bit awkward looking. It runs on premium unleaded, much cheaper than airplane fuel. It also can fit in most regular size home garages.

If the roads were designed to allow for this type of vehicle to land and take off, it would be much more marketable to me. Of course it would be pretty crazy to have someone flying above you, merge into traffic!

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