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S.U.R.& R. Ratcheting Line Wrench is a Must for brake and fuel line service

© DenLorsTools.com Summary: Everyone knows that has spent anytime working on cars the benefit of using ratchet wrenches. Ratcheting line wrenches are the latest automotive tool innovation that allows the speed of a ratchet wrench to be combined with a line wrench. That’s right, a ratchet wrench designed to be used on steel lines for brake lines, power steering lines, fuel lines, AC lines… you name it!

This idea will surely be one that is copied by ALL the competitors in the field. Unlike some cheesy ideas in wrench design from the past, this innovation provides a really useful tool for increasing speed and ease of line removal & installation. An added benefit is being able to use this wrench on rusty nuts and bolts as well. The design puts more closing force on the fastener as increased pressure is being applied. So, whether changing wheel cylinders, a PS line or fuel line this new line wrench is a welcomed new arsenal to any tool box! 

SRRLW700 Flex Ratchet Line Wrench Set

The most technologically advanced wrench available for use on brake, A/C, fuel and power steering lines.

  • Works with metric-sized nuts and fittings
  • As more pressure is applied to the wrench, the grip on the nut tightens
  • Includes part numbers: LW0809, LW1011, LW1213, LW1415
  • Sizes 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 and 15mm
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