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Summary: Expert Car Advice creator, Jeff Brown answers questions about his automotive repair answer site. is an alternative to and other answer websites designed to help provide information to the customer with automotive repair information in a timely manner. Many car owners are searching for repair information on-line everyday. The challenge is finding reliable information provided by an expert – as opposed to getting just another opinion from someone on-line that may not be qualified to give such advice. Finding correct information at a minimal price that leads to the car owner being successful in repairing their own car can potentially save them hundreds of dollars.  Thanks to Jeff for answering emails over the past weekend to make this post possible.

  Tell us about your background?

Here is a little background on me. I was actually working on cars before I could even drive. Then went to college and graduated with honors at a technical college majoring in automotive diagnostics. I am certified and have over 200 certifications with Chrysler, Dodge, and Jeep. I was a technician at first and then spent the last 15 years as a fixed operations manager. For a long time I traveled around to different states training other managers and employees how to run service departments.

  Inspiration for creating the automotive answer site?

The inspiration was due to many things. I’ve seen a lot of issues in my years working at dealerships and wanted the customer/public to have other options as many things can be repaired and diagnosed with a little help and a dealer will not give them the time of day to do this. Also a good source to check a repair shops diagnosis, estimates and solutions. With many dealerships closing I wanted the customer to have another source to fix their cars and we do not require an appointment! We are there to help when the customer needs us not when we have time for a customer.

  When was Expert Car Advice started and how much has it grown?

The site started at the end of 2009 so it is still growing. We currently have hundreds of members and many experts. Some experts work full time and some part time, but have at least 5 experts for each category to allow a quick response time for our members. Also need many experts as no one person knows everything about everything and want to make sure we can answer a question that are members have.

  What is the average response time for car questions to be answered?

This will change depending on the question as some are more difficult than others, but a typical response time is 5 minutes or less. Also depends on the time of day for example if you ask a question at 1am it will most likely take longer than 5 minutes to get a reply!

  List your top three Auto Technicians. What makes them so successful? 

 The top three experts on the site are DriveFast1971, Fordexpert and JB. What makes these experts successful more than anything is their many years of experience. They each have their different areas and categories they are knowledgeable in and they all work full time. They take the time to answer the questions of our members and help them through their problems. No matter how little or much our members know they will work with them to get a solution. They have even taught our members how to use equipment such as volt meters, ohm meters, scan tools, and so on. Our members don’t have to be experts that is why these guys are here. Our members just need to be able to follow directions and our experts will guide them to a solution.

Follow up question: You say that the top three techs work “full time” – do you mean at repair shops or full time with Expert Car Advice?
They work full time for Expert Car Advice. They have had many years in the field but now work on line. This is what gives us such a good response time as many of the experts work full time so Expert Car Advice is their first priority. They still have access to all the information they need to help the customers through their problems. As you should have seen by now just by my response time to emails we are quick to reply and get solutions! We also have many experts in the field working at repair shops and dealers this mix makes it great for the customer.

  Any plans to offer other fields of advice?

This is an automotive site and will never be anything but used for automotive. We want to do one thing only and do it well. Have no desire to be a Jack of all trades we only claim to be experts in the automotive field and want to help others with their automotive problems.

  Anything else on your mind for our readers today?

Just want readers to know this is no scam and we really want to help them with their automotive concerns. If for some reason there is a question we can’t answer we will give them a complete refund as it is not our intention to take money and not provide the help we say we can. The price we charge is almost insignificant for the value our customers get. We created a pricing structure for all to be able to use the site as we want to be able to help everyone not just those with deep pockets.

Auto Techs that would like to make money on-line answering questions, email us using our contact form. Include your first and last name and type of cars you have the most knowledge in. We will email you with information on how to apply. Contact Us 

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  1. James :

    Date: January 30, 2012 @ 12:54 am

    This is a wonderful site come check it out. Follow on twitter!/EXPERTCARADVICE


    Come by the site would love to meet everyone!

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