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Auto Technicians – Bloggers Wanted

12:20 pm Auto Repair Writer
Writing about auto repairs can be mutually beneficial – write about what you know.
Summary: DenLors Auto Blog is looking for good automotive professionals that want to blog. We want auto techs that may be working full time or are currently answering questions on-line for Just Answer, Expert Car Advice or for forums. Enjoy sharing your knowledge and making a little extra money? This could be for you. Our readers have all different skill levels related to car repairs – therefore, writers are required to write in clear easy to understand terms.
Automotive Repair Topics
The blog posts don’t have to be very long or highly technical, usually 300 to 500 words per article is ideal. Our most popular car related articles cover common issues that many people face; be it the auto technician or the car owner. It’s hard to know which topics will be most popular, so don’t worry about that too much. We just want articles that cover different areas of “automotive repair” and service. Topics can be related to Air Conditioning, Brakes, Front End & Suspension, Engine Rebuilding, Engine Performance, Automatic Transmissions, Manual Drive Train, Heavy Duty Truck, Exhaust, Locksmith procedures, Bodywork, Painting, Detailing and other repair topics.
Promote Your Business
The incentive for some, is to transition into working from home or to promote their personal website  or business – or ALL three. Auto repair shop owners can use articles submitted to our site to promote their local business – DenLors Blogs shows up very well in Google searches! Customers like taking their car to businesses that they feel they know something about. By writing about services your shop performs, you are affirming you are knowledgeable in this repair type.
A popular article is AC Gauge Readings Explained, with over 7,000 page views in the summer months
Promote Your Service
If you answer questions for a car answer website, you may want to link to your profile, so readers may ask you a question about their car. Being a freelance writer for DenLors Auto Blog requires original content with at least one related image  per article. We require the article to ONLY be published on our website and NOT posted anywhere else. If we just wanted copies of articles we would get them from a free article website such as If you would like to re-write an article that you have published previously on a different website, conveying similar information, that is acceptable. We allow ONE external link to a non competing website in the last third of the article. Bloggers are provided a profile page once three articles are published. If you are unsure if your web-site’s interests conflict with DenLors products, please contact us in advance so that we can determine this for you. If you are new to blogging and SEO (Search Engine Optimization), you may especially benefit from writing for us since we have experience in website promotion using SEO within articles for the last several years. We are an alternative to submitting to “free article submission websites”. Benefit from using our automotive blog instead of just posting on article sites that cover everything under the sun. We want your quality automotive articles designed to help provide information to our readers and to promote yourself, service or website.    
Submit one article for us to review. If accepted, we pay you $5 for each original blog post (maximum of 1 per week in the beginning) to be published on DenLors Auto Blog. Pay out is at $20 through PayPal. See the bloggers contract for more details. You may promote your non competing website, answer site profile page from personal profile once approved. After the initial three articles have been published, we will evaluate the volume allowed and consider a possible rate increase per article. Use our contact us form. Provide us with a little information on your background. We will give you our email address at that time. See writers contract.
Questions about writing for us.
Q  I don’t have any computer skills like html, is this something I can do?
A  If you can send an image and article by email we can do just about everything else. We would like you to learn about keywords and density, but in the beginning we will help guide you.
Q  Five dollars isn’t very much, I’m used to making much more than that for my time, is that all it pays?
A  Five dollars may seem insignificant, however the referrals you may gain by having exposure on our site will be worth much more in the long run. Many article websites don’t compensate any money at all – just a link. Denlors Auto Blog is a good alternative for auto repair articles compared to sites like ezinearticles because we offer BOTH a “do follow” link and money.
Q  I cannot come up with blog topics easily, any suggestions? 
A  Sure. If you are very knowledgeable about a specific model or repair write about that. If you are an actively working tech in a shop… pick one of your jobs. Snap an image or two while you’re working with your cell phone camera. Write about the diag & repair. Include tips and suggestions. We like real world scenarios and fixes!
I have an idea for a lengthy article, Does it pay more than $5 for a longer article?
A  Sure. We can make it a two part blog and pay $5 each part. We would rather not have more that two parts per article.
Q  Can I write about other subjects besides auto repair?
A  We would rather stick to car repair issues. Tool reviews would be ok if they are tools sold by
Q  Do I need to come up with a disclaimer about repair procedures I outline in my car repair article? 
No. We will include our standard disclaimer that we use in all our repair articles – see below.
Linking: Please reference this auto repair article when quoting, linking to this page is welcomed and appreciated. If you are new to linking a page. 1. Left click the link; to highlight 2. Right click, select copy 3. Right click and paste to forum, blog web page etc. Thanks! Disclaimer: Repair tips are designed for informational purposes only, without warranty of any kind, in no event shall the author of this site be liable for any consequential, incidental or direct damages sustained in the course of using the information in this article.
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