1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee Blower Problem – DIY Perspective

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© DenLorsTools.com  Summary: Recent comments from a do it yourself-er that has used a previous article on Jeep Grand Cherokee dash removal. Jim was nice enough to let us know how he has used our information not just once, but on two occasions for different problems. The ability to tackle dash removal has saved him a ton of money. I think we saved Jim a lot of time – now he’s returned the favor by basically writing this blog! Thanks Jim.

Dennis, Thanks for your article on removal of the heater core box in a Jeep Grand Cherokee (1999). I used this article “Jeep Grand Cherokee Dual Zone AC Repair” a few years ago for my first dash removal to replace the corroded evaporator.

This week I used it again as the airflow had stopped completely even with the fan on. Luckily I did not reclaim the AC refrigerant or drain the coolant first. I wanted to see if there was anything that could be done with the case in place.  Well it turned out to be a broken recirculate door.  I was able to cut away the grill covering the door opening and pulled out the door for repair. I think I would recommend that anyone replacing the evaporator should also replace the doors as they seem to be a source of much Internet chatter. As for the difficulty of the job, I have a very good working understanding of most things mechanical, electrical etc. The first job took me two and a half days including evaporator replacement, charging etc. This dash removal and repair was completely done in five hours. The job is not that difficult but mostly time consuming. You must be very patient and organized with fasteners. I kept them organized in upper dash, left and right. Lower dash left and right, and center console separate. The two most perplexing things were the dash bolt above the brake pedal (thanks for pointing that out) and the two small heater plugs on the lower right side. One word of caution for newbies is to try and have the repair parts available when you remove the box. I could see someone getting into trouble if they take out the box then try to put it all back together two weeks later, may be a problem for some. Well thanks for your article as I never would have tackled the job without it. Jeeper is at 180,000 miles and has a goal of at least 225,000, the distance to the moon! Best regards,  Jim

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