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Auto mechanics need car tools to be productive, but at what cost?

© Summary: As with many industries the automotive mechanics tool industry is evolving due to availability and competition that the Internet has brought forth. In the past auto technicians mainly bought their auto mechanics car tools from mobile tool trucks such as Snap On, Mac Tools, Matco, Cornwell and USA Tools. This car tool article shows the trend of auto mechanics increasingly going on-line to find the tools they need. No longer are car tools ONLY available from the local tool truck salesman. Read on for a great selection of auto mechanics car tools.

Snap-on automotive tools have excellent, premium grade products. However, there is also a premium price to pay! The good news is there’s many other choices today for professional grade car tools on-line at much lower prices. We are NOT talking about Harbor Freight grade tools here – although if very careful sometimes Harbor Freight does occasionally have some good tools available. The end user just has to be careful not to to buy a heavily discounted tool that ends up being an over-priced paperweight. Snap-on, Matco, MAC and Cornwell also sell other brands of tools on their tool trucks. They do this to round out their selection of tools they can offer. Also, sometimes an identical tool made by the same company with different labeling is available – you can guess that the Snap On labeling translates into a higher price. Below is a Snap On listing for a popular tool made by Horizon Tools and it’s labeled and packaged for Snap On. The identical product made by Horizon Tools is packaged with the Calvan name and is sold by DenLors Tools at a fraction of the cost. When this happens usually a product can cost 30 to 40% cheaper with the lesser known branding.  

The professional automotive technician has to purchase many tools to perform various jobs on cars. They are finding their way to the Internet in increasing numbers daily. It’s our job to help save them some money and still provide quality tools they expect. 

 As I’ve said many times before, half the battle when it comes to car repair is having the correct tools, that’s why we have supplied name-brand, discount automotive/car mechanics tools like OTC, Makita, Ingersoll Rand, Chicago Pneumatic, Power Probe, Astro Pneumatic, Vise Grips, Lisle, Fowler, Jump n Carry and CPS just to name a few. We also offer shop supplies and automotive shop equipment at discount prices. DenLors Tools was started in 2005, many readers put us on their favorites list and visit our site when car tool needs arise, we would be happy if you did the same.

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