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Master Kit for Ford 2V and 3V Spark Plugs?

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 If you’re new to our blog, we sell spark plug thread repair kits for Fords. We’ve answered many questions over the years regarding these repairs in our blogs, videos and on the phone (800-524-9783 x-251). Here’s another question from one of our recent customers.

Question – I want to be equipped to fix Ford 3 valve spark plug threads. I see that there are kits for pre 2004 and 2004 up. Is there a master kit for all applications? I am very confused as this is not well documented.

Answer – There’s no master kit. Time Sert 5553 is for 2V engines. For a lower cost alternative see our Calvan 38900 listing. Our Calvan listing also has a more detailed application list.  You’ll see that the 2004 cutoff (switching to 3V from 2V) does not apply to ALL models. The Time Sert 3221 is for 3V Ford engines up to around 2008. The lower cost alternative is the Calvan 39300 which is for 3V engines with M16x1.5 spark plugs. Also, Ford made a change in some models in late 2008’s using M12x1.25. Ford like’s to switch things up! See the M12x1.25  Time Sert 4212H spark plug thread repair kit for that application.

Researching spark plug blowouts? You’re not alone. For more information on our spark plug thread repair kits; like which kit is best for your application see the following article. Ford Spark Plug Blowouts – How to Repair.

Chrysler Dodge 3.7 and 4.7 Rocker Arm/Valve Spring Tool

Auto Specialty Tools Comments Off on Chrysler Dodge 3.7 and 4.7 Rocker Arm/Valve Spring Tool

One of our most popular tools recently has been the Win 3747-123. It takes the place of the Miller 8516A, 8387, 8426 and 10102. This tool is used to work on 3.7 V6 and 4.7 V8 Chrysler engines used in many Mopar applications. The tool can be used to change out or re-install the rockers when they fall (a common problem). Or the combo tool can be used to replace broken valve spring or install valve seals. The Valve Holder is required to help prevent dropping a valve if removing the keeper depending upon the job being done. No valve holder is needed if not removing the keeper. Repair manual instructions should always be followed. Read the rest…

Ford spark plug thread repair kit advice

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Since you’ve found this page, chances are you’re either a Ford owner with a spark plug blowout problem or a mechanic (possibly a shop owner) looking for the best fix for his customer that has a Ford spark plug blowout issue. As you’re finding out, there are many choices and… many prices! Parts stores have the quick temporary fixes. We’ve been helping to make sense of spark plug thread repair options since 2005. We get calls frequently on Ford spark plug thread repairs questions. First time repairs, second time repairs and yes even 3rd or 4th time repairs! Ninety nine percent of the time our kits can fix spark plug threads when others have failed. And when parts store quick fixes fail, they end up making the hole even BIGGER. Read on for more information on permanent spark plug thread repairs or call us for personal assistance in choosing the correct kit for your situation and particular vehicle at 800-524-9783. Read the rest…

Parts store spark plug thread repair failed!

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The most common problem we help people deal with is related to parts store thread repair kits that have failed. Once this happens the owner or shop sometimes tries unsuccessfully to re-install another of the same type inserts. When a parts store insert fails it makes the hole bigger, which prevents the same size insert from being able to help matters. Other times, some shops will say (mistakenly) that the cylinder head has to be replaced! If you have a similar situation, we can most likely recommend to you or your repair shop a professional, permanent type repair that will save the head and save a lot of money. No time to read? Call us at 800-524-9783 x251.

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Before buying a used Dodge or Jeep with a 3.7 or 4.7 Engine

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DennisB © Summary: Recently had a blog reader that’s interested in purchasing a used Dodge Ram Pick-up truck with a 3.7 Liter engine. He wanted my opinion on 3.7’s. Although there’s many, things to inspect and consider before purchasing any vehicle, I responded with the following things that came to mind and that I would consider before purchasing a vehicle with a 3.7 or 4.7 Mopar engine.

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How to replace a floor jack’s U-Joint pn 248731

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DennisB © Summary: Quick instructions on how to install the 248731 u-joint in many floor jacks. Also see the installation video below. The 248731 universal joint is used on many different brand floor jacks. It transfers the twisting action form the floor jack handle to release hydraulic pressure or seal the pressure so the jack can be jacked up. The universal joint is necessary to allow the pivoting of the floor jack handle. The u-joint on these jacks last a long time but they are a common wear item that can cause binding or they can many times simply break leaving the jack not usable.

The 248731 universal joint is used on many popular floor jacks.  Application is for the following 2 ton up to 3 ton capacity floor jacks. * Snap On – YA642 * Snap On YA700 – YA700B * Mac Tools JS642USA * Lincoln- 93642 – 2 ton floor jack * Lincoln- 93652 – 3 ton floor jack * Hein Werner – 93642 * Hein Werner – 93652 * Napa 91-642 * Marquette and more! The 248731 supersedes the following part numbers – 228356, 228349, 227874, 890-022-666 and YA700B3. We also have the measurements of the u-joint in case you’re still unsure if it will work on your particular jack.

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Kent Moore J-42385-507 Inserts in STOCK!

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Kent Moore J-42385-507DennisB © Summary: Kent Moore inserts always available with us. We have the Kent Moore J-42385-507 head bolt inserts in STOCK. They are frequently on backorder with GM but we keep plenty in stock. See the following link J-42385-507 or order by phone at 800-524-9783. The inserts are commonly used on GM Northstar and some other applications when an M11x1.5 Kent Moore thread repair kits is used.

The inserts are held in by the bottom being expanded when the install driver is used. This creates a solid repair and is GM’s only authorized thread repair. GM does not recommend stud type repairs in place of the TTY (Torque to Yield) bolts. Ten inserts are used per side so if doing an entire block be sure to order 20. Some GM dealers prefer to order these in bulk at an even greater savings. See our bulk pricing on the Kent Moore J-42385-507 100-Pack.

Broke a 3/16″ Drill Bit – What to use

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Rescue Bit use DennisB © Summary: This is another question regarding how to drill out a tool like a drill bit which has a hard metal compound. While the Rescue Bit can also break in some cases, it has saved a lot of jobs. The success rate is good if recommendations are followed and common sense prevails.

Question – I broke a 3/16″ drill bit trying to drill out a broke bolt. Should I use your 1/8″ bit? The broken bit is about 1/4″ inside the hole with jagged edges showing, will the rescue bit be able to get the bit out, then the remnants of the bolt? Should I just use an extractor to get the bolt after the rescue bit removes the broken drill bit?

Answer – Usually you go a little smaller than what you’re trying to drill out so you can use a rounding motion, so I’d try the 1/8″. The rounding motion makes the hole a little bigger to reduce binding which could break the Rescue Bit. I’d also start with the reamer end of the Rescue Bit, because it would have less chance of snagging and breaking on the jagged part of the broken drill bit. An extractor could work but as always be careful not to break it! Too much force will break an extractor every-time if the bolt won’t budge. If the extractor idea doesn’t work keep in mind we sell Time Sert thread repair kits that can be used if needed to install a solid inert that allows the use of the same size bolt. Just need to know what size bolt to recommend a kit. In most cases we have over-size kits available, if needed that still uses the original size bolt.

The 1/8″ Rescue Bit can be used in a drill or in a die grinder. We have the 1/8″ Rescue Bit listed with a collet which is the adapter that fits 1/4″ straight and 90 degree air die grinders. It adapts the die grinder so it can use 1/8 accessories, in this case the 1/8″ Rescue Bit. See our Rescue Bits for sale on our main website.

Calvan 38900 Review – 2002 Ford 6.8 Liter V10

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Ford sparkplug blowoutHello Dennis, Good morning.

Hope you’ve had a great summer so far. Quick update for you.  I took on the project to install sleeves on all the spark plugs on my V-10 F-250.  I had originally installed two sleeves (of lesser quality) and found out that the previous owners had also done another one (of lesser quality also).  In all, three spark plugs had blown out of this engine before I decided to replace them all.  I ordered your Calvan 38900 Ford spark plug thread repair kit and four extra sleeves (inserts) and started working on my truck the last week.

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Ford 2001 F250 RF1L2e Spark Plug Thread Repair

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F250 Sparkplug blowout problem
DennisB © Summary: Here’s a common question we get when it comes to Ford spark plug blowouts and which kit to use on 2001 and up Ford RF-1L2E Romeo style heads. Because of the extra step material the spark plug may sit up a little higher if a counterbore is not used. Then there’s the issue with parts store kit like the Helocoil Save-A-Thread kit that commonly fail making the hole bigger, which requires an oversize repair kit. We deal with this all the time. The heads can be saved in most cases if done properly with a good quality kit like the ones we sell.

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