7 Things Every Car Owner Should Know – To Save Money

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Engine BayDennisB DenLorsTools.com © Summary: It’s a fact that everyone likes to save money. Sometimes it’s hard to know the right way to save money on your car. For instance, delaying certain things can save money for awhile but may end up costing more in the long run. It’s important to consider how long you’re planning on keeping a car too, when doing certain repairs. Delaying some repairs may also cause the car to be less safe or not as dependable. In this short article I’ll cover seven things that new car owners need to know to save money on their car.

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Calvan 38900 Replacement Spark Plug Insert 389-100

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Calvan 389-100 InsertDennisB DenLorsTools.com © Summary: More than great pricing on the 38900 kit and replacement insert pn 389-100. We’ve been selling the 38900 Ford spark plug thread repair kit since 2005. The image of the 389-100 insert was our original pic that has been used by many websites after carefully cropping out our web address (see below). One thing that the other websites cannot duplicate is our experience when it comes to spark plug thread repairs kits and repairs.

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Time Sert GM-Chevrolet Head Bolt Thread Repair Kits

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Time Sert made in AmericaDennisB DenLorsTools.com © Summary: GM only authorizes one thread repair company for their aluminum blocks – Time Sert. Over the years Time Sert has worked together with GM’s engineers to design only the best quality thread repair kits in the business. That’s why Chevrolet only approves Time Sert for thread repairs in their aluminum blocks. Best of all Time Sert Kits are made in the USA. Read the rest…

Time Sert 4412E-111 – Spark Plug Thread Repair FAQ’s

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Washer Seat Spark PlugDamaged spark plug threads in the cylinder head can occur in any type of vehicle. Ford seems to have the most problems, however with all the cars today using aluminum heads; it’s becoming much more common problem. We get questions all the time on application for a wide range of car makes. Manufacturers like Toyota, Lexus, Honda, Acura, BMW Mercedes-Benz, VW, Audi, Mitsubishi, Kia and others can have worn or otherwise damaged spark plug threads. Sometimes the failure is caused by human error, like starting the spark plug crooked and cross threading it. Sometimes the spark plug hole threads are damaged by not tightening the spark plug enough which leads to loosening and vibration which eventually blows the spark plug out of the hole taking some threads with it. Even over-tightening spark plugs can stretch the threads causing damage. Whatever the cause of the spark plug threads getting damaged, we’ve got the kit that will save the cylinder head. Avoid parts store kits that merely put a band-aid on the problem. We have customer’s that need oversize kits after attempting a quick fix from the local parts store, but that’s a different article. In fact if that’s you’re problem see the following article on Oversize Spark Plug Thread Repairs. Otherwise continue reading about first time spark plug thread repairs. Also see our Time Sert 4412E-111 product listing for more information, order online or call us at 800-524-9783. Read the rest…

TIME-SERT 14125F Harley Davidson Shallow Spark Plug Thread Repair

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Autoloite Sparkplug HarleyDennisB DenLorsTools.com © Summary: Dennis which is a Master Tech that answers technical questions on this repair blog as well as on our sister site wiseautotools.com has more info on Harley spark plug thread repair. Read the rest…

TIME-SERT Add On Kits 5588 and 5678

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Time Sert Kits

DennisB DenLorsTools.com © Summary: Dennis discusses Time Sert add on kits for doing triple oversize spark plug thread repairs when a hole is too big for a regular Time Sert (Big Sert) kit. *Note, a Big Sert kit must be used in conjunction with the 5588 for the largest repair which is the triple oversized one. And the 5678 must be used along with components from the 5600 kit. Our kits are made in the USA and are professional grade. Repair shops and many do-it yourselfers love our kits. It’s the engineering and design that makes the difference. Use one and you’ll know first hand. And the best part is that Time Sert spark plug thread repair kits are used without removing the cylinder head, by working right over the fender!

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Time Sert 5600 Kit – What’s in the box? FAQ’s

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Time Sert 5600 1DennisB DenLorsTools.com © Summary: The Time Sert 5600 is one of our most popular spark plug thread repair kits. This is because it can handle the repair of the largest blown out spark plug holes out there. With so many inferior type repairs sold at parts stores, that typically end up failing or never hold to begin with and ALWAYS make the hole bigger, the Time Sert 5600 Triple Oversized thread repair has finding it’s way into more and more vehicle and shop owner’s hands!

You’ve got questions, Dennis our resident master tech has answers… including a how to video of him demonstrating the use of the Time Sert 5600 in a Ford F150!

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Toyota 2.4 Head Bolt Hole Thread Repair – Time Sert FAQ’s

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Time Sert 2200 For Pulled or Stripped ThreadsDennisB DenLorsTools.com © Summary: Toyota’s with the 2.4 four cylinder engine have a common issue of blown head gaskets because of the aluminum threads in the block failing for the head bolts. The middle three or four in the back of the head are usually the weak point, which can become stripped. However, we recommend repairing all ten holes to prevent having a repeat head gasket failure due to stripped threads or pulled threads. This also prevents the possibility of the threads failing during the torque process right after putting the new gasket and head back on the block. This can be very frustrating and has happened to our customer’s more than once! Vehicle’s affected are the Toyota Camry, Rav4, Scion, Highlander with the M11x1.5mm head bolts. The repair system tha we recommend, the Time Sert 2200 can also be used in any engine that has M11x1.5mm threads because it is a universal kit which can be used on different hole depths. Read the rest…

Biggest Spark Plug Thread Repair Kit Available

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Check Spark Plug Hole SizeDenLorsTools.com Summary: Help finding which oversized spark plug thread repair kit to purchase. Spark plug holes that are made too large for regular thread repairs are usually caused by parts store brand thread repair kits that have failed. When the parts store type inserts don’t hold and the spark plug blows back out again the hole is left even larger than before. This requires an oversized thread repair kit. Sometimes the double oversized kit is not big enough. Fortunately, we have a triple oversized kit that repairs even the largest holes up to almost 3/4″. The inside still accepts the regular M14x1.25 spark plug.

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Thread Insert for Spark Plug Fell into Cylinder Hole!

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Dennis using Time Sert 5600DenLorsTools.com Summary: Solution for the problem of how to remove a spark plug insert that fell into the cylinder of an engine. Ford spark plug blowouts and how to repair using a spark plug thread repair kit are one of our most covered topics here at DenLorsTools.com and at our sister site WiseAutoTools.com. One question we’ve had several times recently is “what do you do if a Lisle or Sav-A-Thread insert threads down all the way into the hole and drops into the cylinder?” Ouch, that’s a scary thought, was our first reaction. (We also had a recent customer drop a tap from a parts store kit into the cylinder). Having to pull a head just to get a thread insert out is not an easy pill to swallow. After we thought about it for a moment… hey there is a way to get it out without removing the cylinder head!

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